Pure Bulk CBG Isolate For Sale

Our pure CBG isolate is derived from American registered hemp, and produced in state-of-the-art GMP certified facilities.

  • 98-99%+ Pure Crystalline CBG

  • 100% THC Free

  • 100% Legal & Compliant

  • GMP & ISO 9001 Certified

  • FDA Registered

  • Natural/Non-synthetic/Non GMO

  • No Odor & Flavor

  • No Heavy Metals or Pesticides

  • 3rd Party Tested For Potency, Solvents, Heavy Metals, Pesticides

Our cannabigerol isolate is the most purest and highest quality in the world. Our isolate is obtained from American registered industrial hemp, specifically grown for its high CBG content.

Superior High Quality Pure CBG

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a phytocannabinoid found in all cannabis plants. It is a precursor to all other phytocannabinoids naturally produced by the cannabis plant, meaning that all phytocannabinoids are derived from CBG.

Due to the expansion of CBD in the Health & Wellness industry, consumers and researchers alike are becoming more aware of the properties of different minor cannabinoids, not just THC and CBD. One of the minor cannabinoids in the spotlight recently has been CBG, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, along many others.

Cannabigerol Isolate has a variety of uses in consumer products, including:

  • Food Supplements

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Topicals

  • Cosmetics

  • Edibles

  • Beverages

Our pure CBG powder is the best crystalline CBG on the market. Derived from American registered industrial hemp and produced in GMP & ISO 9001 certified facilities, our CBG meets our customers’ most stringent quality requirements.

As with our CBD Isolate, this crystalline CBG contains zero traces of THC.

Name: Cannabigerol
CAS Number: 25654-31-3
IUPAC Name: 2-[(2E)-3,7-Dimethylocta-2,6-dienyl]-5-pentyl-benzene-1,3-diol
Chemical FormulaC21H32O2
Molecular Mass: 316.485 g/mol

Total Cannabinoid Range: 99-99.7%
CBG Range: 98-99.6%
THC Range: 0.00%

Color: White
Appearance: Pure white crystals
Consistency: Powder
COA: Available upon request

CBG Isolate Wholesale and Bulk

Our pure cannabigerol isolate is one of the most trusted bulk CBG on the market. Sourced from the finest hemp, extracted and refined in modern, state-of-the-art GMP certified facilities, our bulk CBG isolate meets even the most strict industry standards. Contact us for wholesale prices. We also offer bulk CBD isolate and CBN distillate for sale.